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Chesapeake Bay Bridge Sunrise: No 2

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Sunrise: No 2

Jennifer Triplett Photography Bay Bridge Maryland

The Chesapeake Bay is beautiful, especially at sunrise. This photo of the Bay Bridge, during the sunrise, was taken from the Carnival Pride Cruise. I was amazed at the lines and patterns of this bridge. It was an amazing site! Sad to be returning into the Port of Baltimore from the Bahamas. I had to repeat myself but I wanted to share this sunrise photo of the Chesapeake also-since the angle and view are not common.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Sunrise

Chesapeake bay bridge Sunrise

Sunrise View from Cruise Line

A rare opportunity to view the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from the balcony of our room from our Carnival Cruise returning from the Bahamas. It was one of the most beautiful sites I have seen (except for the blue waters and white sands of the Caribbean-another post). I used a Canon Powershot to snap this photo. My EOS Rebel is ill.

Flying Patterns

Picture this image with the sounds of loons calling and fish splashing. No noises from humans. They are sleeping. This is the time of the day I love most in Canada.

I took this photo last year and came across it today while searching for something else. I am drawn to this image because I love silhouettes. Enya would be good background music for this image. Thanks goes to for inspiring me to post this today.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful, While Photoshop Sleeps.

5:45 a.m. Photoshop was resting from a long night of designing. Facing directly East was a beautiful sunrise that I refused to go outside for. I was warm and snug with coffee in my hand. Not a chance! So I decided to an experiment inside. The effect was created by the beveled glass in my front door window. A cheap trick I guess. However, I didn’t get cold. I decided not to do any post production and just leave it as is. I am sharing this because I know there others out there suffering from even colder weather, who may want to give this trick a try. If you do let me know. You can post a link here if you’d like. I’d be interested in seeing it. Since this week’s photo challenge is peaceful, I have dedicated my photography to Sunrises. I have one more to share tomarrow.

Photography of a Geometric Sunrise, Ocean City Maryland

Photography from inside hotel balcony. The balcony looks over the indoor pool and also out over to the ocean. Some may see these bars as an eye sore, however they have a wonderful geometric design to them. Paired with a sunrise and horizon line it makes for an interesting composition. This photograph was taken at the Princess Royal in Ocean City Maryland during the winter. If you look close enough there is snow out on the beach. A rarity in these parts. An interesting note: the post A Boy’s Desire to Fly, is a snowbank in Ocean City from last year’s snowstorm. We actually drove to the shore to play in the snow. The western part of Maryland only got a dusting, while the Eastern Shore got at least a foot.

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