Chesapeake Bay Bridge Sunrise: No 2

Jennifer Triplett Photography Bay Bridge Maryland

The Chesapeake Bay is beautiful, especially at sunrise. This photo of the Bay Bridge, during the sunrise, was taken from the Carnival Pride Cruise. I was amazed at the lines and patterns of this bridge. It was an amazing site! Sad to be returning into the Port of Baltimore from the Bahamas. I had to repeat myself but I wanted to share this sunrise photo of the Chesapeake also-since the angle and view are not common.

7 thoughts on “Chesapeake Bay Bridge Sunrise: No 2”

  1. Wonderful photo, and wonderful to see you back. I’m glad you paid a visit to my blog just now…I am subscribed to yours, but didn’t get the last two posts. I’m going to try unsubscribing and subscribing to try to kick it into gear.

  2. Beautiful shot, Jennifer. I love your lines and how the sun “stops” just under the bridge. What’s amazing is that bridge and horizon lines are”aiming” at the same dark spot.

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