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Weekly Late Challenge Geometry

Weekly Late Challenge Geometry

Geometry Weekly Challenge (a little late)

Geometric patterns
I don’t know which is more of a challenge…taking the pictures or making the posts (with boys – who are currently expressing themselves musically). Anyway, I noticed last week’s photo challenge was Geometry. Kind of late, but without a doubt one of my favorite themes in any medium. What are my thoughts about geometry? In 8th grade it was a great opportunity to catch up on sleep. I never could figure out its purpose. However, later on when I truly studied art I was enlightened and geometry to me became a balance between shape and form.

Car Photography: Engines in Abstract

Close up of custom car engine that is spotless

Chrome and sunlight

Study of Cars and Design. This is the cleanist engine I have ever seen. I can only imagine the work that went into keeping it this way, especially in our high pollen area. I never realized how many shapes there are in engines. Quite frankly, engines are not things I typically look at or admire (unless I am relying on them to work). So this was a real eye-opener for me. The chrome was crazy bright and had so many different reflections that I had a hard time finding a focal point and getting a decent exposure. After many experiments, I went manual for everything. I finalized this image by converting it to b&w and adjusting the curves and contrast. Since there are so many different computers out there sometimes coming up with the perfect image that looks great on everyone’s computer is near impossible. You have to just hope for the best and find a good in-between result. I will be posting some more tomorrow, which will show off some more car fins.

Photo Art: A Mondrian Kind of Day

My Mondrian influence

One of my favorite artist’s is Piet Mondrian. Every since my childhood I have been attracted to his balance of color and geometric design. You see it everywhere today. Fashion especially. But, never would of guessed that I saw it one visit to Canada. Of course it was my own eye catching this. One of my favorite bridges is in Canada. It crosses over the Thousand Islands from the United States to Canada (or Canada to U.S.). Anyway, we took a cruise (which is a must) that tours the Thousand Islands region and I was able to get a new view. The lines from the cables and even the patterns from the bridge reminded me of Mondrian. So today, in my “I have to get started working so let’s procrastinate” mood, I decided to do a little artwork on it. Click here to see the original.

Nature and Design, Abstract Naturalist

Nature and design. A perfect team. Consider all of the amazing things we see from day to day. From the simple shapes to the complex squiggles. It’s all there; design. Patterns from shadows, branches against a sky; it’s still there. But take what you see a step further and truly look into the abstract qualities that can transform simply by changing it’s composition with your eye. This is how I like to explore nature. It’s not just the instant beauty but the unique qualities that can be captured. Something unoticed. A new discovery. For example, this photograph. I stumbled upon an old weathered log on a walk along a riverside beach. I thought it was interesting enough, but no greatness to it. Until I pushed my artist’s eye a little further and zoomed in with my camera lens. Very cool. They look like eyes staring at me. I took it a bit further and used my el cheapo method of macro lens (I have a set of close up lenses from an old camera that I place by hand over my digital camera lens). This gave me greater detail and more character to the image. Almost monster-like, but in a nice non-threatening way. When people ask me “what kind of photography do you do”. I haven’t a clue. I enjoy doing it all. No real focus. Just what catches my eye at the time. I do love nature and design. So here is a term I came up with “Abstract Naturalist”. Nature and design. Finding the beauty beyond what we typically see. Sounds a bit deep. But it could work.

Study of Lights: Abstract to Abstract

This Photographic Art piece was a creation from a photography light study I did last month. I took the image further in post production to create a feeling of movement created by vibration. I just thought I would share it. The nice thing about lights, is that when you photograph them they bring in a special color/effect that is oftentimes is difficult to create.

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