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Tree Branch Design

Tree Branch Design

tree branches with snowCall me evil. But I can’t get enough of this view. We’ve had a rough winter, not just in Maryland, and I am really looking forward to this blue sky with tree branches having their beautiful pink/white blooms don’t get me wrong. But there is something majestic about the way snow softly lands on the delicate small branches. Don’t you think?

Rescued Wolves in the Snow

Wolves that Were Rescued


Wolf Sanctuary, PA

I recently visited the Wolf Sanctuary in Pennsylvania and was able to take loads of photos of them in the snow. Of course I would have preferred taking photos of them in the wild, but they were magnificent creatures. Unfortunately people believe that they make interesting pets and even cross-breed them with domesticated dogs. If you like wolf photography you can view beautiful photos by their staff photographer at Almost forgot to mention you can “adopt” a Wolf.  My son fell in love with one named Scout, who we saw about half-way through the tour, so we adopted him (you get a photo and a certificate). My oldest saw him immediately and loved him. My 2 boys were so thrilled by it, that I went ahead and adopted another Wolf as a gift for my father. The snow falling made the scene incredibly beautiful and the wolves loved it. They frolicked and played with eachother; even did some wonderful howling as you can see in the last photo. I only wish I could have taken photos of these amazing creatures without the fence….from far away…


Abstract Photography of Snow Buried Tree

Black and white Photograph of Tree Buried in Snow

Snow Scene

The forecasters are calling for snow tonight in Maryland. If you are familiar with Maryland, anything could happen. I couldn’t resist finding this photo I took during a huge snowstorm. This storm was predicted to be only 2-4 inches. 3 1/2 feet later I took this photo. The tree is in a snow drift of 4 feet.  The branches were creating an amazing contrasting pattern against the snow. So I am excited as much as my boys are and my camera is ready, because the snow is a great opportunity to study natural contrasts in black and white.

Bummer, no snow..not today anyway.

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