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Abstract Photography: The Storm

photography of lights

Using lights to create artwork.

Fun Friday or Freedom Friday. Happy Solstice!  My way to do something a little different that comes from studio work. Freedom to be creative and explore the unknown and simply see what transpires. This photography of lights was actually taken while moving in a car at night. I flipped the image to create a falling image so the lights were floating with activity and not sitting being heavy. What I enjoy most, is looking at the different patterns of lights that create a layering effect. Enjoy the weekend! Jenn
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Drawing With Your Camera

Who said the camera was for simply clicking? Go ahead open up your lens for awhile. Have some fun. Shake it. Swirl it. Move it in a pattern. Burn a couple of calories. Who knows what you’ll come up with. This was taken with my Canon Rebel. Shutter open for what seemed like forever. A short post, from a very tired artist. Enjoy!

Study of Lights: Abstract to Abstract

This Photographic Art piece was a creation from a photography light study I did last month. I took the image further in post production to create a feeling of movement created by vibration. I just thought I would share it. The nice thing about lights, is that when you photograph them they bring in a special color/effect that is oftentimes is difficult to create.

Study of Lights Wild Night in the City

Rings of color

This photograph is part of my second series in my Study of Lights.  This time I chose LED lights, mostly because they look like they flicker. I left the lens open for what seemed like about 15 seconds. I used a diffusion filter attached to my zoom lens. What I like best about this is the way the colors overlap and create a blending of the two. I created the multiple circle effect  by experimenting with my zoom lens. It was difficult to get just the right amount of circles and colors without it getting bright and having a white out. Also getting the composition for the circle was a challenge because there were multiple lights and didn’t want it too busy. You can see more studies of light at Katies camera blog.

The Golden Egg of Christmas

Abstract photograph of lights with digital enchancement
I’m continuing my study of lights and how their contrast create interesting illustrations using Photoshop techniques. This photo was taken in the dark of a Christmas Tree with my Canon XTi. I chose not to use any filters, because I wanted allot of glare and streaking. Then, in Photoshop, I placed multiple filters to make the lights transform into a 3-D object. I did this multiple time with multiple layers. Some more photos of these series can be found on my page Study of LightsClick the balloon above the image to like or see comments. Copyright protected 2011-12. Jennifer Triplett.


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