Chesapeake Bay Bridge Sunrise

Chesapeake bay bridge Sunrise
Sunrise View from Cruise Line

A rare opportunity to view the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from the balcony of our room from our Carnival Cruise returning from the Bahamas. It was one of the most beautiful sites I have seen (except for the blue waters and white sands of the Caribbean-another post). I used a Canon Powershot to snap this photo. My EOS Rebel is ill.

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    1. Thanks!! Not being a professional photographer I appreciate your comment. I have always loved photography since I was a toddler and continue to this day. Inspiring young talent like yourself to keep their drive for the things they love to do is a nice feeling. You are a talented photographer and writer; apply that to whatever you dream of doing. (Sorry if this sounds corny). Your Amanda ( )
      series captures allot of emotion.

  1. Beautiful!! A similar thing happened to me once. I tried to get sunset photos every day of the cruise and for one reason or another it never worked out. At the end of the drive home we stopped at our local grocery store for milk, etc. Driving home from there — then I saw a beautiful sunset!

  2. Just an amazing shot…..what a beautiful sight! I was born in New Port-News Va and the sunsets and rises are always something to behold….thanks for capturing this and sharing….

    1. It was a wonderful trip. The water and beach was just amazing. my camera has been ill for a month, so I have had very little to blog about. I am thinking of doing a watercolor of this. Hope all is well!

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