Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch, A Boy’s Desire to Fly

and yet again

So this week’s photo challenge is launch. My son loves leaping and launching. He is a free spirit. I said no, just like the sign in the background. Jumping from a 6 foot snowbank onto snow covered asphalt just confirms this. He landed safely. Often times we should just go for it, and worry later. I admire this. I’m not suggesting jumping from a 6 foot snow bank. Life is too short not to “just go for it” and try. So launch yourself, you may be in for a pleasant surprise at what you can really do and likely get a thrill doing it.

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  1. To be so young and carefree. Good for him! What a great job capturing his action — a photographic achievement, but even better precious moments captured by a mother.

  2. The first photo is really great! Really captured the carefree abandon — the not really understanding that this might hurt a lot — there. πŸ™‚

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