Photo Art by Jennifer TriplettPhoto Art is a great way to get the creative mind going again. In attempts to post frequently again, I am forcing myself to just do it and not worry so much about whether I think its good enough to share. I enjoyed creating this image because it was a challenging image to alter to begin with. You never would of guessed I was listening to Pops 90 on my MP3 player.

15 thoughts on “Vibration”

  1. Very cool! And Bravo to you! That’s exactly what we need to do — do art just to do it, or just for the fun of it and stop thinking about whether it’s good or bad! Easy to say, but I believe it and you know I have difficulty doing this myself. So good for you!

    1. Yes. Oftentimes I just stare at my canvas (I am also a painter). Have you checked out my fellow blogger Marina’s work. She is in the comments below. It’s definetly worth the trip! πŸ™‚

  2. I enjoy altering photos as well. My favorite programs are Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s amazing what a couple of clicks just in filters in Photoshop can do to make a photograph look totally different from the original.

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