Photography Beyond the Photograph

Photography by Jennifer Triplett

The beauty of photography is that it captures a moment in time and that you can use it to evoke feelings. With that said, there are allot of opinions as to at what point photography transforms itself into illustration. This image has been transformed completely. Is it alright to claim this as art? Can a computer be a tool for an artist to express themselves and create an image that personally appeals to them? I used several layers and effects to create what appeals to my eye. I selected this photograph specifically because I knew that the sharp contrast in colors would create more depth and motion. It may sound strange, but it really is true. When I mix paint on a palatte there is some type of plan or subject in mind, however I tend to enjoy doing things on the fly so to speak; painting my feelings as I go along. I like to take the same approach when I create illustrated effects from photographs that I have taken, oftentimes planned for post production illustration. I can recycle this image and use for web design, adding it as a header background or button texture. The fun thing is there really is no limit. Jennifer Triplett