Honestly I don’t which I loved more…my sons coming out with me to explore the vast sky or the challenge to capture the sky and the beauty that seemed endless. Arches National Park is now a registered Dark Sky Park, which to my surprise I realized last week when I visited there. I have never really tried to learn how to take photos of the stars at night. Most of my night photos are of the moon, which is a great light source. However, to get the depth of the stars I took photos before the Moonrise. I will admit, I really never even recognized that there was a Moonrise or its importance. Now I have witnessed the transformation of the sky as the Moonrises in the night. As a photographer the greatest satisfaction for me is to capture a special moment like this and to continue learning new ways to create a compelling composition. More to come from this series. I will be selling this image and others in the future, so others can enjoy.

Photo copyright Jennifer Triplett – An Artist’s Eye 2019. P.S. I don’t mind you sharing but please credit me.