Wolves that Were Rescued


Wolf Sanctuary, PA

I recently visited the Wolf Sanctuary in Pennsylvania and was able to take loads of photos of them in the snow. Of course I would have preferred taking photos of them in the wild, but they were magnificent creatures. Unfortunately people believe that they make interesting pets and even cross-breed them with domesticated dogs. If you like wolf photography you can view beautiful photos by their staff photographer at http://wolfsanctuarypa.org/ Almost forgot to mention you can “adopt” a Wolf.  My son fell in love with one named Scout, who we saw about half-way through the tour, so we adopted him (you get a photo and a certificate). My oldest saw him immediately and loved him. My 2 boys were so thrilled by it, that I went ahead and adopted another Wolf as a gift for my father. The snow falling made the scene incredibly beautiful and the wolves loved it. They frolicked and played with eachother; even did some wonderful howling as you can see in the last photo. I only wish I could have taken photos of these amazing creatures without the fence….from far away…