Photo Art: A Mondrian Kind of Day

My Mondrian influence

One of my favorite artist’s is Piet Mondrian. Every since my childhood I have been attracted to his balance of color and geometric design. You see it everywhere today. Fashion especially. But, never would of guessed that I saw it one visit to Canada. Of course it was my own eye catching this. One of my favorite bridges is in Canada. It crosses over the Thousand Islands from the United States to Canada (or Canada to U.S.). Anyway, we took a cruise (which is a must) that tours the Thousand Islands region and I was able to get a new view. The lines from the cables and even the patterns from the bridge reminded me of Mondrian. So today, in my “I have to get started working so let’s procrastinate” mood, I decided to do a little artwork on it. Click here to see the original.

28 thoughts on “Photo Art: A Mondrian Kind of Day”

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      1. I think it would look great! I’d say at least 16″ x 20″. Or bigger. As a work of art, I think you’ve really added a lot to the structure from the original photo/bridge.

  2. I was amazed when I checked out the original. You really did do some artwork. How fun taking the basic design and playing with it.

  3. I love Mondrian, too. A fun art project for kids is to give them some black electrical tape and poster paints and let them try making their own Mondrian-style creations. They always seem to come out great.

  4. To begin with, your photograph is good, but then, what you did by adding the colors truly makes this a piece of art. Well done.

  5. Wow, this is really interesting. Nice use of colors. It’s a great piece of art. 😀

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