Nature and Design, Abstract Naturalist

Nature and design. A perfect team. Consider all of the amazing things we see from day to day. From the simple shapes to the complex squiggles. It’s all there; design. Patterns from shadows, branches against a sky; it’s still there. But take what you see a step further and truly look into the abstract qualities that can transform simply by changing it’s composition with your eye. This is how I like to explore nature. It’s not just the instant beauty but the unique qualities that can be captured. Something unoticed. A new discovery. For example, this photograph. I stumbled upon an old weathered log on a walk along a riverside beach. I thought it was interesting enough, but no greatness to it. Until I pushed my artist’s eye a little further and zoomed in with my camera lens. Very cool. They look like eyes staring at me. I took it a bit further and used my el cheapo method of macro lens (I have a set of close up lenses from an old camera that I place by hand over my digital camera lens). This gave me greater detail and more character to the image. Almost monster-like, but in a nice non-threatening way. When people ask me “what kind of photography do you do”. I haven’t a clue. I enjoy doing it all. No real focus. Just what catches my eye at the time. I do love nature and design. So here is a term I came up with “Abstract Naturalist”. Nature and design. Finding the beauty beyond what we typically see. Sounds a bit deep. But it could work.

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  1. Wow Jennifer….I stared at this for a long time and couldn’t figure out what it was. I never would have guessed it was part of an old log! Very cool!!!

  2. I like how you find creative solutions such as hand-holding old lens and how you see the abstract in nature. Getting outdoors is as important as the air that I breathe and I like the air “out there”!

  3. It does work Jennifer and it works well. I like all of your ideas and the term “Abstract Naturalist”. Nature provides an infinite journey of discovery. It’s beauty is at times hidden; waiting for an artist to find the natural design inherent therein.

  4. Your take on photography is perfect, and nature does offer us just about everything. Sometimes we have to search it out, other times it’s just there, staring at us. This image is super, almost inviting you to get closer. Very well composed, well done.

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