Nature and design. A perfect team. Consider all of the amazing things we see from day to day. From the simple shapes to the complex squiggles. It’s all there; design. Patterns from shadows, branches against a sky; it’s still there. But take what you see a step further and truly look into the abstract qualities that can transform simply by changing it’s composition with your eye. This is how I like to explore nature. It’s not just the instant beauty but the unique qualities that can be captured. Something unnoticed. A new discovery. For example, this photograph. I stumbled upon an old weathered log on a walk along a riverside beach. I thought it was interesting enough, but no greatness to it. Until I pushed my artist’s eye a little further and zoomed in with my camera lens. Very cool. They look like eyes staring at me. I took it a bit further and used my el cheapo method of macro lens (I have a set of close up lenses from an old camera that I place by hand over my digital camera lens). This gave me greater detail and more character to the image. Almost monster-like, but in a nice non-threatening way. When people ask me “what kind of photography do you do”. I haven’t a clue. I enjoy doing it all. No real focus. Just what catches my eye at the time. I do love nature and design. So here is a term I came up with “Abstract Naturalist”. Nature and design. Finding the beauty beyond what we typically see. Sounds a bit deep. But it could work.