The Docks of California: Seal Style

Photograph of two seals and a seagull

This brings back memories. Taken many moons ago, when I was working on an automated concept vehicle project. I managed to captured this moment on the docks of California. Although I didn’t get too much time to enjoy my visit (it was a business trip), I did get a chance to see “wildlife” and escape from seeing cars.  The weather was amazing everyday. The seagull seems to be a bit nosy if you ask me. Of course I guess I am even more so…taking pictures of these two love seals. These creatures were amazing to watch. They filled the docks and didn’t really seem to care about anyone being around them. Really, I should of called this Two Seal it with a Kiss. Ok, since this post I have changed the title from Love on the Docks to just The Docks. Why? I spotted a rather not so appropriate video advertisment on my blog. Yuck! Has this ever happened to anyone. Very annoying. I can deal with Purina or Cars. So I will no longer place love in my blog or kiss. So uncool.

14 thoughts on “The Docks of California: Seal Style”

  1. What a photo!!! [love your rejected title, but I know exactly what you mean… I hate it too!] I’m amazed you didn’t just go over and hug both of them! [or maybe you did….] Amazingly lovely creatures!

  2. That’s a drag about the ad. But I like your photo of the seals sharing a morsel and the gull waiting to get some for itself.

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