Flowers: Celebrating a New Camera

Jennifer Triplett photography purple flowers

Flowers with a Touch of Imperfection

After much waiting and researching and waiting and then researching again, I final replaced my good old Rebel xTi. I haven’t looked back. My new camera is the Canon 7D.  Here is one of my first shots outside. I chose an easy subject so I can get to experience the difference from my old camera.  The camera has an amazing clarity, although this image has been compressed at medium quality for this blog. Yes! No more holding closeup lenses over my lens (well maybe..). I get goosebumps just thinking about all the fun stuff I can capture with this new camera. The one little petal falling off makes this image more authentic and fun. Beauty isn’t always perfect. Let nature be.

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15 thoughts on “Flowers: Celebrating a New Camera”

  1. Nice clarity and narrow DOF, please share what other features you like about your new camera. I still remember testing my new lens for clarity on the macro settings. Still gets me excited. Happy shooting!

    1. it has 19 point autofocus. I really like the clarity, the speed, and the ISO setting which enable you to take low light shots without a flash. More to come as I learn. Right now i am using the auto settings, but getting ready to branch out.

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