Early morning kayaking pays off. I captured this little fella nibbling on a lily pad flower during a quiet paddle on Loon Lake in Canada one summer day. As I sit here now, listening to the soft raindrops and pleasant songs of happy birds, this moment I captured reminds me of a similar tranquil moment. It was my first venture out with a new camera and I was a bit hesitant to take that first step into a wobbly kayak, but once I did I never regretted it. Kind of my life story. That morning was particularly splendid. Loons were serenading me and there was a harmonic snapping noise surrounding the lily pads. What I treasure most about nature is the morning wake up that is happening. Everything seems fresh and new, when you first rise (not everyday, I will admit). I cherish mornings like these when time seems to stand still for a moment or slow down. The meditative sounds of raindrops and chorus of birds makes you want to just sit, be still, and listen. I’m glad to have revisited this moment.