When it rains I feel time stops a little and slows down, taking time to see things in a new light. This photograph was taken while I was sitting in carpool at school. I was completely bored out of my mind. Then while staring off into la la land I saw how the raindrops seem to change things in an interesting way. This is especially true through glass and on mirrors. Looking into the side-view mirror the drops and the trees were creating a natural black and white image. Almost eerie in some ways. However, I also notice how it broke down objects into a more geometric shaping. For example the trees are simplified. The reflection of the car itself. I wonder if it is the attention we pay to the rain drops that creates the optical effect our eyes focus on one thing and simplify the rest) or could it just be the Grande cinnamon dolche latte I just drank from Starbucks. Whatever it was, I wish I had my Cannon; it would of taken a better image. Do you have any ‘reflection’ on rain. I might not reply simply because I don’t want to take away from your comments. I will reply later on.