Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Headed for the clouds

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between. As I traveled up this very shaky, not so safe looking railroad track at Mount Washington, I realized I might as well enjoy the ride because there really was no turning back. I created this as black and white to evoke more of a mood. I am terrified of heights, but my children were very excited to do this ride. Mount Washington is one of the windiest places on earth. My young son almost blew off at the top. Fortunately the conductor grabbed him. He calmly replied “Oh that happens all the time”. I didn’t remember reading any warnings about hold on to children if you don’t want them to set sail of the mountain. Sometimes there are no warnings in life, but staying calm makes you react better. This year I plan to continue to challenge myself, while still holding on to the things that matter. From stay-at-home mom to starting up my career again – only independently. While shaky at times, it has been well worth the journey! Click here for more info on Mount Washington, NH. Happy New Year to All!