Photography: Classic Cars and Design

photograph of a vintage car Bel Air with gold trim

This week seemed to be a Vintage week for me. Thursday night I went to a 4 Aces concert and Saturday a Car Show (swap meet?), located in Millersville MD. This week I will be posting my photography of these beautiful cars. My goal was to highlight and capture their design; paying attention to light and reflection, angles, trim, and color.  Included in these posts are custom and restored cars. There are even a couple of rare cars such as a Limited Edition 1963 convertible Corvette. My oldest brother would be drooling right now. There is no coincidence that most of the photos are of cherry red cars. I did find my dream car cherry red mustang….but it was not a convertible. These are the first three cars…I will post more photography tomorrow of classic cars and design.

25 thoughts on “Photography: Classic Cars and Design”

  1. wonderful!!!!! Beautiful restoration and fantastic photography. The 1965 Mustang air conditioned convertible was a dream car…….

  2. Super Jennifer…I love the paint on custom cars. It has such depth and appears as if you could put your hand right through! Cant wait for more pics! Back then,

    1. I am not a car andbike person per se, but could totally get into photographing these classics.So much love put into the restoration of these beauties-great work.

  3. Great photos. I love that Bel Air. My husband had a red convertible Mustang when we got married. We had some fun trips in that car!

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