Happy Holidays: Madagascar Ice Photos

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I am putting this post back up top, as a Happy Holidays! Now that last minute everything is upon us, my posting will be limited. Enjoy your Holidays!

Now for something really fun! Ice sculptors from Northern China displayed their incredible talent at the National Harbor near Washington D.C.and the National Monument. It’s a spectacular event.  It was 0 degrees and I couldn’t bring much camera equipment with me. The photography was a little tricky with low lights and frozen finger tips. So if you are traveling in the area to see the lights at the monument, put this on your to do list. To find out more about how these were made visit The Making of Ice. Below is a slideshow. My fingers were frozen by the time I got to some of these, so they may be a little blurry. Sometimes you got to do what you got to do to “get the shot”. Do you have an ice sculpting experience to share?

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  1. Wow that’s pretty cool! (I love Madagascar by the way!) Nice photos.

    I would love to go see something like that. Alas, I am too far away. Merci for sharing!

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