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A Tranquil Moment: Loon Lake Canada

A Tranquil Moment: Loon Lake Canada

Early morning kayaking pays off. I captured this little fella nibbling on a lily pad flower during a quiet paddle on Loon Lake in Canada one summer day. As I sit here now, listening to the soft raindrops and pleasant songs of happy birds, this moment I captured reminds me of a similar tranquil moment. It was my first venture out with a new camera and I was a bit hesitant to take that first step into a wobbly kayak, but once I did I never regretted it. Kind of my life story. That morning was particularly splendid. Loons were serenading me and there was a harmonic snapping noise surrounding the lily pads. What I treasure most about nature is the morning wake up that is happening. Everything seems fresh and new, when you first rise (not everyday, I will admit). I cherish mornings like these when time seems to stand still for a moment or slow down. The meditative sounds of raindrops and chorus of birds makes you want to just sit, be still, and listen. I’m glad to have revisited this moment.

When Moose Mocks

When Moose Mocks

Moose Lake photo by Jennifer Triplett

When you go on a hike with the name Moose in it and find out the Moose are hanging out at the public beach area instead. We had never seen a moose this close. Having done our fair share of moose hunting in Maine and Eastern Canada we got a double whammy to be able to see a mom and her calf! Disclaimer this was taken with a rather large zoom lens. You never want to get close to a moose. The Ranger was actually protecting the path so that visitors wouldn’t be ignorant and try to touch or get selfie’s. Taken at a Jasper National Park, Canada.

Photos copyright protected An Artist’s Eye, Jennifer Triplett Photography.

A bird with an attitude.

Majestic Beauty

This photo was taken in Florida. He seems to be taking things very seriously. I’m not quite sure what he is looking at, but it’s obvious that there is no interest in me and my telephoto zoom lens.

……Or not! The sun was casting interesting light on this majestic beauty it gives him a glow that intensifies his stare. Copyright 2011-12., Jennifer Triplett. Hit the balloon above the image to like or see comments.

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