Study of Lights Wild Night in the City

Rings of color

This photograph is part of my second series in my Study of Lights.  This time I chose LED lights, mostly because they look like they flicker. I left the lens open for what seemed like about 15 seconds. I used a diffusion filter attached to my zoom lens. What I like best about this is the way the colors overlap and create a blending of the two. I created the multiple circle effect  by experimenting with my zoom lens. It was difficult to get just the right amount of circles and colors without it getting bright and having a white out. Also getting the composition for the circle was a challenge because there were multiple lights and didn’t want it too busy. You can see more studies of light at Katies camera blog.

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    1. Thanks! Actually, this was not edited or enhanced in Photoshop. The layer effect was created by manually zooming in and out at a long exposure while focusing on the light. It was an expirement to see what would happen. It took allot of shots to discover this and get a decent image.

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